Frequently Asked Questions

The name Wumblekin is so cute! What does it mean?

It stems from the word wumble, which we thought sounded playful to use and gave a sense of movement (wumble on!). When we checked the meaning in the urban dictionary, we were delighted to find it meant “to desire something deeply.” We added “kin” at the end to represent family and relationships. We think it’s cute too!

Do you have a corporate gifting program?

We do! Please contact us at hello@wumblekin.com to learn more about Wumblekin corporate gifting.


How do I know which box to get?

The good news is: there's no wrong option here! All of our boxes come jam-packed with pregnancy and postpartum care items any new mom will love regardless of her birth story. Each product can be used in one way or another, regardless of a vaginal or cesarean delivery.

How and Why did you choose the products in your boxes?

The pregnancy professionals helped choose each item based on both their medical knowledge and because they have been there themselves with pregnancy! Each item was intentionally chosen for each stage of your pregnancy journey by brands we researched and vetted. We’re proud of every item in our boxes!

I’m in between trimesters. How do I know what box to get?

Fill out our due date quiz, and we’ll do the rest! We’ll make sure to get your next box to you no later than two weeks before your next trimester.

Can I get my next box instantly and not wait for the next trimester?

Sure! Just drop us a line at support@wumblekin.com, and we’ll get it out to you ASAP.

Can I gift a subscription to someone?

Well, aren’t you thoughtful! Yes, the gift of Wumble keeps on giving, and we know they will love you for it. Simply click, “gifting” at checkout, and you can include a personal note to let them know it’s from you.

Tell me about the Bellaband sizing for the First Trimester.

Bellabands are used to make pre-pregnancy pants last a little longer during pregnancy, as your baby bump is growing and it’s a little harder to zip/button pants. Simply use the chart below to determine the correct size for you!


When should I order?

You can order at any point in the pregnancy journey for yourself or a friend. Our due date quiz will help you choose the perfect box.

How do you ship?

A flat rate $4.99 shipping fee for UPS Ground shipping is included in every order! But if you're in a hurry to get your Wumblekin box, we offer expedited shipping for an additional fee.

Do you ship internationally?

Not at this time.

How is my info kept safe when I subscribe?

At Wumblekin, we use an eCommerce platform called Bold Commerce to accept subscription orders and track customized ship schedules. Bold Commerce is PCI compliant, meaning all cardholder data is kept totally safe and secure. To view Bold's PCI AOC, contact: privacy@boldcommerce.com.

Can I do returns or exchanges?

Of course. Please email us at support@wumblekin.com so we can work with you to return or exchange an unopened item.

Partnerships & Affiliates

If you’re interested in working with us as a vendor, influencer, or purchasing wholesale, please contact us at support@wumblekin.com .