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Using Essential Oils During Pregnancy, Labor & Postpartum

Is it safe to use Essential Oils during Pregnancy, Labor or Postpartum? Read more on the Wumblekin Blog


Aromatherapy use is increasing and its use during labor and the postpartum period is no different. Aromatherapy is a complementary medical approach which means that it is intended to be used together with other medical interventions. It is wise to be cautious though because essential oils are potent and can have harmful effects if not used correctly so seek the guidance of trained professionals. And avoid aromatherapy completely during your first trimester.

A few studies have shown decreased pain in women during active labor when they inhaled lavender while other studies showed no difference. Most women in labor will take those odds though! Other essential oils can decrease nausea during labor or even after a cesarean section. 


Quote about using essential oils during pregnancy, labor and postpartum


Don’t apply essential oils to the skin while pregnant or in labor even if it’s something that you did before pregnancy. Skin is more sensitive during pregnancy and you have enough on your plate! A scent that is calming one moment could be nausea inducing the next.  Using a gauze or cotton ball placed nearby is a good way to use essential oils and an easy way to stop quickly if necessary.

After delivery, you can support hormonal wellness and positivity with Simply Earth Good Vibes Essential Oil Blend included in our Postpartum Box. Mood swings, hot flashes, and skin blemishes are all symptoms associated with hormonal imbalance that this blend can help soothe. This blend has a well-balanced floral and citrus aroma that can help ease feelings of anxiety and promote positivity. Check out this blog post about other breastfeeding safe oils from Katie, mom of two and certified aromatherapist!


How to Safely Use Essential Oils During Pregnancy, Labor & Postpartum on the Wumblekin Blog

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