The Top 25 Things to Pack in Your Hospital Bag

What to pack in your hospital bag to give birth | Wumblekin

It’s time!

Those two little words that have been uttered for decades in movies and on TV have a universal meaning: the baby is coming!

When the time comes to grab the bag and head out the door to get ready to meet your little one, our Wumblekin pregnancy specialists want to share with you what they think are the “big five”; the things they say will provide care and comfort during this journey you’re about to go on to get to baby’s birthday!


Essential Items to Pack in Your Hospital Bag: The "Big Five"

1. Charger with an extra-long cord for each of you

We’re not suggesting that you spend your time texting and updating everyone while you’re in labor but having your phone nearby can be valuable during labor. You may want to reach out to key people and update them or reference a copy of your birth plan on the phone. They can also be useful for music playlists, mediation, or white noise apps which can help you focus. Don’t forget earbuds, too.  And of course, once baby arrives, photos!

2. Robe

A comfy, stretchy, front opening robe is a must. While we’re not saying no to something cute, consider that this robe may be the worse for wear after labor and birth, so think comfort before fashion. During different stages of labor, you may be warm or chilled, so dressing in layers and being able to remove your robe quickly is helpful. After baby arrives, a front opening robe allows for accessibility for skin-to-skin contact on your chest while still keeping you warm and allows for access for breastfeeding.


3. Snacks

Most women report not being very hungry during labor. In the early stages of labor, if you feel hungry, you may be able to eat small portions of easily digestible foods like crackers, granola bars, and bananas. As you progress, there may be stages where you cannot eat because of the risk of aspiration into your lungs because of the position of the stomach above the uterus. But don’t forget about your partner, your support staff! Having snacks available so they don’t have to leave the room can a lifesaver and help them keep their energy up. And after baby arrives, you can help yourself to the snacks when your appetite returns.


4. Toiletries

We’re not going to sugarcoat this, the shampoo and soap in the hospital are not the stuff of a Luxe Spa Experience. Bringing your own toiletries is a small creature comfort we know you’ll appreciate. Don’t forget your hairdryer and curling iron/straightener, and if you’re going to do your makeup, a small makeup mirror with battery-powered lights is helpful because the bathrooms aren’t made for getting ready to go out on the town.


5. Going Home Outfit

It’s time to take your new family home! Choosing the going home outfit is a rite of passage. We’re giving you permission to shop here; it’s a good idea to bring a few different outfits in case one is too big, the weather is unseasonable, or a diaper blowout trumps fashion. And make sure to take lots of pictures!


Want to know all 25 things we recommend packing in your hospital bag?

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Download our hospital bag checklist for what to pack to give birth you need for labor and delivery. Our list has over 25 items that you’re going to want at hand when you’re bringing a new human into the world!

Download our hospital packing list for giving birth

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