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It will be so much fun, we thought! We get to pick out all the fun baby things for new mamas, we thought!

That’s just a few of the things that went through our brains before Wumblekin was birthed, but the truth is, once we started looking at all of the things to include in our curated boxes? Whoa. There is a lot of noise out there when it comes to what you really need for your new baby.

Guided by Science, But Also By Practicality and a Pinch of Fun

We help new parents demystify pregnancy with evidence-based education, and each of our products is hand-selected by moms who also happen to be pregnancy experts. That’s where we start, but we also know that having a baby is really fun, and it can be exciting to choose items for them!

You need items for your baby that are proven winners, endorsed by other people like you, and that get you the best bang for your buck.

Creating a Baby Registry

Pick a Theme

Starting with a theme can help the people who are buying for you. The theme can be as simple as a color, a style, or a book or song you love. By saying, “our theme is baby animals,” when people shop for you, they will instantly recognize what you love and what you will surround your baby with.

It’s actually easier for you to choose items once you find a theme, too! If you’re adding things to your registry and there are baby animal-themed sheets at that store? Boom, done! You’re getting something you need and something you love.

When Do You Set Up a Baby Registry?

Registries should be set up before your baby shower to include all relevant information and themes for the guests. Registries will help guests see what has already been purchased and helps you keep an eye on what’s been purchased, too. You can add or delete items as needed during the process before the shower.

Decide Where to Register

A universal registry like MyRegistry.com allows you to sync registries from multiple stores in one area. There are so many benefits to this! Your loved ones have options of shopping in brick-and-mortar stores as well as online. You can add items through their website, through partner websites, or you can add other online items with a button or by scanning a barcode or uploading a photo.

All the items that we include in our Wumblekin pregnancy and postpartum essential boxes can be added simply by clicking on the “Add to Registry” button; it will effortlessly add those items to your MyRegistry site!

Our Top Five Tips For Your Baby Registry

#1 Keep it Simple

Keep the majority of products centered around the first 3-6 months of the baby’s life. You will learn what you need or don’t need or what works for you or doesn’t as you go. For example, don’t stock up on a lifetime of diapers before you know how your baby’s bottom reacts to that brand.

#2 Ignore the Hype

Baby gear changes quickly, and we often hear about recalls on new products, so don’t get caught up in the newest trends. You may find that what is important to you changes after having a little one, and what works for your BFF may not work for you.

Do your research, read reviews and buy products that are tested and approved not only by friends but by other sources.

#3 Include Items for You and Your Partner

Things like nursing bras, snacks, lotion, or self-care items like heating pads and bath salts, gift cards for meal delivery services, books, journals, or subscription services are all things that can be included.

People actually LOVE buying these things for new parents because they’ve often been there themselves and understand how meaningful the little things really are after you’ve had a little one.

#4 Include Big-Ticket Items

Often a group of friends or family members will go in on one large gift, which can take the financial burden off of you. While babies don’t require much, items like car seats, cribs/bassinets, rockers for parents, and strollers can break the bank if you buy them all at once!

By allowing your friends and family to pool their resources, you can get higher quality items that are more durable and useful to you, and many that hold their value through several babies!

#5 Try Before You Buy

If your friend has a stroller that she swears by, get your hands on it! However, her ideal stroller may not be yours. There’s a lot to ergonomics and body types with baby items, and it has to fit your lifestyle and your needs. It’s a great idea to try out as many brands and types that you can so you find the best fit for your registry.

Car Seats are a great example of this. All seats have to pass the same federal safety standards, but the features vary widely and can be overwhelming. Ask friends for recommendations, and be sure to find out why they like theirs. If possible, spend some time buckling, unbuckling, and checking out seats at a store.

Wumblekin’s Favorite Baby Items For Your Registry

After all of our exhaustive research, we knew we had found items that were perfect for our pregnancy and postpartum boxes. Along the way, we discovered more items that we loved and want to share with you!

Furniture & Equipment

◯ Bassinet & (2) Sheets

Many parents opt to have baby in their room with them but in a separate sleeping space, like a space saving bassinet, for the first year, as mentioned in this blog post. Others prefer a crib, but make sure you choose one that does not have drop-down sides or added bumpers. 

◯ Crib & (2) Sheets

Always have an extra sheet on hand in case of late night diaper blow outs!

◯ Changing Table &/or Dresser

Some parents prefer the floor, couch or bed with just a mat for diaper changes but if you want a table or dresser, look for one that is easy to clean (and never walk away from baby when they’re on the changing surface).

◯ Stroller(s)

Many strollers can be adapted to work with multiple rear-facing car seats. Many people choose to get a small umbrella stroller for errands or quick trips and a second for running or just longer trips.

◯ Infant Car Seat & Base(s)

See above and check out this cute cover for colder climates! Covers are great for keeping the weather out since baby should not be in a jacket or snowsuit in the car seat. Also, you may find having a 2nd infant car seat base is helpful if you have a 2nd car.

◯ Diaper Bag

We love this diaper bag and so do moms AND dads!

◯ Baby Wearing / Carrier

We’re such big fans of the Moby Wrap that we included it on our Postpartum Essentials Box. In each box we offer, we include an informational booklet, and in this one, we get into the benefits of baby-wearing. 

It’s a great box to add to your registry if you are pregnant, so you have everything you need on hand after the baby arrives because it’s packed with all the goodies we know moms and dads (and baby!) need.

◯ Bouncy Infant Seat

A swing or bouncer is a great thing to have and can range from simple to the fancier mamaRoo. This is not a place for napping or sleeping, but it can give you some hands free moments!

◯ Rocking Chair / Glider

Find a comfortable, roomy chair for feedings. Add an ottoman to put your feet up. 

◯ High Chair*

A high chair isn’t needed until baby is sitting up on their own and ready for solid foods (4-6 months), BUT this is another item that family or friends often like to give as a collective gift.


◯ Nipple Cream & Gel Pads

Nipple cream and Hydrogel pads can be lifesavers in those first few weeks where you and baby are settling into a breastfeeding routine and you have breast soreness or nipple sensitivity. 

◯ Nursing Pads

These helpful little pads go in your bra and help absorb milk if you begin your let down before baby has begun feeding.

◯ Nursing Bras &/or tank tops

The odds of you correctly guessing your breastfeeding bra size are slim but we recommend a comfy sleeping nursing bra like one from Bravado! We also love the classic Bravado! nursing tank.

◯ Bottles & Nipples

Dr. Brown's Natural Flow, Anti-Colic 5oz. Bottle is a great option for breast or bottle feeding! We also love the Comotomo bottle, and having two options to try is not a bad idea. Some babies have definite preferences!

◯ Burp Cloths

Cloth diapers are affordable and make great burp clothes. For something like this, you need useful and easy to clean, not fancy!

◯ Nursing Cover

If you prefer to be more covered when breastfeeding in public our multi-use cover is perfect!

◯ Nursing Pillow & Cover(s)

The two most popular ones out there are My Breast Friend, a pillow that clips around you; another popular one is The Boppy. Some moms just like to use a few pillows from home!

◯ Breast Pump 

Before purchasing a breast pump, check out this great blog post!

◯ Hands Free Pumping Bra

If you’ll need hands free pumping, the Bravado! pumping bra is great!

◯ Milk Savers

Haakaa and Milkie's Milk Savers help collect breast milk and also offer storage solutions. They help save that precious breastmilk, are approved by lactation consultants, and are great items to add to your list. 

◯ Bottle Warmer

Bottle warmers are often on baby registries, and some people love them. Some babies don’t mind a bottle straight from the fridge, but others like it warm. You can put the bottle in a cup of hot water while you change a diaper but never use a microwave. 


◯ Baby Bathtub

A tub or soft liner for the sink are good options for those baths early on.

◯ Baby Wash / Shampoo/Lotion

Look for tear free as well as hypoallergenic and free of harsh chemicals. Soaps and shampoos labeled “baby” are formulated different than those for adults. If you are concerned about dry and flaking skin, Aquaphor is a great option for locking in moisture. Bathing too frequently can dry out baby’s skin so only bath every 2-3 days in those early weeks.

◯ Wash Cloths

We recommend a bundle of washcloths for additional, unexpected wipe downs, baths and even for use during diaper changes.

◯ Hooded Towels*

Towels specifically for baby are nice to have but not absolutely necessary!


◯ Swaddle Blankets

We love the Aden & Anais swaddle blankets. Soft with the right amount of stretch for the win! The super lightweight blankets can be used as a blanket, swaddler (read more about how to swaddle here), stroller cover, breastfeeding cover, etc.

◯ Swaddles

For even easier swaddling, we love the HALO SleepSack Swaddle for bedtime.

◯ Sleep Sacks

Once baby is unswaddled (around 4 months), sleep sacks are great to keep them warm and safe. Remember, no blankets, stuffed animals or any other items should be placed in the crib with a baby.

◯ Monitor

There are plenty of video monitor choices. Be sure yours is placed at a safe distance from baby, is safely mounted and that if it connects to your phone, it has appropriate encryption and security measures. You can also opt for a simpler audio-only monitor.  

◯ Noise Machine

Hatch has some great options that we love. Noise machines help soothe baby, and you can use them for naps and nighttime. They're also great to have with you if you are traveling or sleeping in an unfamiliar place.

◯ Night Light / Low Light Lamp

For night time feeding when you don’t want the bright overhead light on. 


◯ Diaper Pail*

All in one diaper pails that lock in odor and help you dispose of them are something some people like and others find unnecessary. It depends on your living circumstances and your needs! Some parents don’t use a diaper system and opt for a garbage can instead. If you go that route, we suggest one with a lid.

◯ Diaper Rash Ointment/Cream

Aquaphor is a great butt barrier to help prevent diaper rash, and Pinxav is our favorite diaper rash ointment.

◯ Diapers

If you choose disposable diapers, be sure to not buy too many as you won’t know what works for your baby (or what brand their bottom may be sensitive to) until they arrive.

We’re also really excited about these eco-friendly disposable diapers!

◯ Baby Wipes

As with diapers, your baby may be sensitive to one brand of wipes vs. another so don’t buy too many before they arrive! Many pediatricians recommend Water Wipes.

◯ Changing Pad, Cover &/or Liners

Some people find changing a baby on the floor and a mat the perfect solution; others want the height of a changing table. If you use a changing table, be sure to find one that is easily wipeable to sanitize and never walk away with baby on the surface. 

Baby Care & Grooming

◯ Humidifier

Crane's Humidifiers are a great option for humidifying dry air for sensitive skin and congested noses.

◯ Brush / Comb

A silicone brush can be great for cradle cap.

◯ Thermometer

A must! AAP recommends taking a rectal temperature for the first year of baby’s life and FridaBaby has a great quick-read rectal thermometer.

◯ Nasal Aspirator 

Nasal aspirators may seem gross but they can be a life saver for those tiny stuffed up noses and we love the FridaBaby NoseFrida snot sucker.

◯ Pacifiers

Some babies seem to prefer certain brands and some like different brands at different times! We love Dr. Brown's HappyPaci Silicone Pacifier! 

Baby Clothes

In general, friends and family love to gift you baby clothes so registering for a lot of clothes probably isn’t necessary but here are a few recommendations that we have found useful, especially in the early weeks.

◯ 3-Pack Newborn Side-Snap Shirts 

Newborns go through a lot of diapers. Gerber cotton side-snap shirts eliminate snaps or zippers to get to baby’s diaper in those very early weeks of life. You can opt for long or short sleeves depending on the season in which baby’s born.

◯ 5-6 Cotton Zip Up Sleepers

Late night diaper changes are much easier with zip up sleepers vs. ones with snaps!

◯ Baby Booties

A fan favorite from Wumblekin is Zutano booties, often referred to as “the only thing that stayed on my baby’s feet”!

◯ Cotton Hats

Depending on the season you’re in or the temperature of your house, cotton stocking caps can help keep your newborn’s head warm. 


◯ Play Mat

A playmat for the floor will be one of the first things a baby can do! Tummy time should start right away. Babies LOVE looking at themselves, so mats with mirrors are always a hit. 

◯ Books!

Read early and often. This is a great time to begin building a library.

◯ High Contrast Toys / Mobiles

Babies love black and white for the first few months because of the high contrast. Look for a simple toy or mobile.  

Remember: Babies Really Don’t Need Much

A baby is happy when it is warm, clean, loved, held close, and fed. That’s really all it takes! The rest is all details, and you’ll soon discover that we all figure it out as we go, but having the right products on hand does help pave the way for happier parents and babies.

Focus on what is important, and the rest will come!

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