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I was beyond excited to become a mom. I spent 9 months wondering what he would look like and who he would be. I sort of forgot to think about the details of the actual childbirth, and when I did, it certainly didn’t play out in my mind how it actually went!

I was going to wait until he came on his own. We were going to spend the whole day in the hospital walking around, being in love and patiently waiting for our little guy to show his cute little face. Wow...was I wrong!

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I went in on my due date and my blood pressure was pretty high. The doctor was mildly concerned and somehow managed to talk me into inducing the next morning. I headed home and packed my stuff and went to bed, eager to FINALLY become a mama. Then I woke up at exactly 12:01. I went to the bathroom and the water never stopped. I didn’t have many contractions prior, but they were certainly coming now. I woke up my husband and we timed the contractions. I was certain I was doing it wrong because they were only like 1 minute apart so I had him call the hospital.

The nurse informed me that we had better come. NOW! I could barely make it down the stairs, but somehow managed to waddle my way to the car. Hubby threw the car in reverse and CLUNK! We looked at each other in absolute terror (well, mostly me). He was able to determine that the transmission on our only vehicle decided to give out at that very moment. How convenient!

Jess's Birth Story quoteI was ready to head to the neighbors and grab their keys, but I couldn’t really walk at that point. My hubby managed to do an Austin Powers move and get the car turned around in the driveway. We used the 2 gears we had left to go National Lampoon-style over the huge snowbank while I held on for dear life and we gunned it to the hospital.

Soren was born at 2:41 am. At the time it was pretty unbelievable. Now, it just makes for a great story that he loves to hear.

I can only say that no matter what you expect and however you think it will go, it won’t. It will be amazing, and it will be your story. You will walk out of the hospital saying, I’m never doing that again. But when you get home and hold that bundle, you would love nothing more than to do it all over. I have since had 3 daughters and a baby boy born in heaven. I wouldn’t change anything and each time is a different, amazing story.

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  • That was an amazing story. I’m happy that it all worked out. How is your baby now, and what is his name? What is his birth weight and height? Thanks for sharing. I’m due in two weeks.


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