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Hiding Your Pregnancy 101

Hiding Your Pregnancy 101 | If you're not ready to share your big news, yet, here's some tips on hiding your pregnancy over the holidays

Holidays are right around the corner, but that bun in the oven isn’t a rum-laced fruitcake. How do you navigate the social season when you’re not ready to tell people you’re pregnant? Here are a few tips for keeping mum on your mom-to-be status, from women who’ve been there (and there and there and, yep, there too) before.


Fortunately, fashion trends are on your side this year. A classic shirtdress can be dressed up or down and sized to conceal even prominent bumps. Same goes for the high-stretch maxi skirt + oversized oxford pairing. Add a boyfriend cardigan or blazer for extra coverage. When all else fails, distract with bold prints, dizzying sequins, and festive jewelry that keeps the attention up top.


It’s not always easy to pass on the champagne pass without raising an eyebrow or two – especially if you’re usually one to join in. One tried-and-true angle is to get there early and get a bartender on your side, one who will secretly serve up mocktails when you place your regular cocktail order. A seltzer with lime is another easy play; make it more festive by requesting the copper mug usually reserved for Moscow mules. If it’s a brunch party, fresh-squeezed OJ and soda water makes a tasty and convincing mimosa replacement.

Another suggestion your partner will probably love is to order the same drink as each other and pass your glasses back and forth. They do all the drinking in this scenario, ensuring your cup gets progressively emptier while you work the party (literally and metaphorically).


Appetizer trays, the mecca of pregnancy can’t-haves, are often served up with an expectant stare. Framing your refusal as a personal diet decision is a reliably easy out – it’s tough to question “I’m cutting out [insert food category here] to see if it helps my [insert health/or beauty category here].” (If someone does question that, it may be time to raise a few eyebrows of your own.)

You can also just say you already ate. Party-hopping is common to the point of being expected during the holidays. If you really feel pressed to partake, grab a plate and ditch it later on.

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