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I think many women can relate when I say I have spent my entire adult life feeling the constant social pressure to have the "ideal figure."

Pregnancy and postpartum was the most drastic change to my body since going through puberty. To say it was a struggle would be an understatement.

It was an emotional rollercoaster through pregnancy, postpartum, and beyond. Even though I am a labor and delivery nurse, these changes were really hard so if you’re feeling these things you are not alone!

As my body started to change, I was very sensitive to how others were perceiving my changing bodyI couldn't feel the baby move yet, but I was starting to gain weight. I wasn't ready to share with the world that I was expecting, but I felt like I had to explain myself.

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Then..whoa, the baby is kicking! My body is literally growing another human. I began to feel beautiful and empowered.

But the euphoria faded as I entered the postpartum period.

 Everyone talks about labor, but no one talks about how hard the initial postpartum period is. The baby was born, but I still had a baby bump. There’s sweating, leaking, bleeding, crying, and the constant breastfeeding hunger. I felt like my body was defeated.

I had a friend say to me, "9 months in 9 months out, give that body some time to heal". That definitely helped my confidence in the first few months.

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My little ones don't care about my stretch marks or my extra tummy roll. They care that I'm a happy momma who runs around and plays with them!


Heidi Johnson

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