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Bringing Baby Home

Alison's postpartum / 4th trimester story about bringing home a new baby and running her own business on the Wumblekin blog

Women are natural planners and, while establishing a birth plan is important, attempting to apply that same logic and reasoning to the fourth trimester can feel a bit futile in the end.

My fourth trimester experience was wildly different with both of my kids – and far from what I had so meticulously envisioned. Things were a bit difficult when we brought our firstborn home, so I did everything in my power to make it as smooth a transition as possible when adding baby number two. (Moms, feel free to laugh here.)

A small business owner in the early growing stages of my career, I was set to open a second shop location just weeks before giving birth to our son. Suffice it to say, my carefully plotted transition plan quickly went out the window in favor of living in the now, reacting to each - sometimes wonderfully and sometimes terribly - unique circumstance as they happened. Without holding ourselves to shoulds or why-didn’t-yous, we soaked up every precious moment. I had four weeks “away” and spent that time figuring out the balance of being a mom of two and a shop owner. It was exhausting, but so rewarding.

The first day our son came to work with me inevitably turned into six months of him coming with me. I will cherish those times forever: customers loving on him, me breastfeeding while literally checking out customers, and everything in between.

Each of our experiences + stories are beautiful and worth sharing. And the one thing they all have in common is that we, as women, are strong and amazing.

Alison tells her story about the 4th trimester on the Wumblekin blog

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