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3 Ways to Babymoon in 2021

Three Ways to Babymoon in 2021

 Having a baby is big. Preparing for that big change is often about the practical (but also fun) things like having a safe place for baby to sleep, decorating the nursery and registering for all the necessities you might need. There are also classes to take and books to read to prepare for labor, breastfeeding and more. When your baby prep check list fills up, it’s easy to forget to pause to take time for yourself and your partner.

The months and weeks before baby arrives mark the end of your time as “just the two of you” for quite some time. Once baby is here it will be a whole new ball game with most of your focus on your shiny new little person. Taking time for the two of you before that happens is a great way to rest, relax and deepen your connection with each other. Planning a Babymoon is a great way to make sure you take a break from the preparations and enjoy each other before everything changes!

Of course, a big vacation may not feel like something you’re comfortable with during this crazy year. With that in mind, here are three ways to babymoon for every comfort level.

Whether you’re planning a staycation or flying a little further away, this is your “last hurrah” so make it count!

1. Close to Home – If a staycation is your speed these days, there’s plenty of ways to make it count:

  • Even if it’s a loose framework, make an itinerary. It could be as simple as sleeping in, making breakfast together, taking a walk, and ordering fancy takeout.
  • Make sure you’re both committed to being “out of office” so there’s no work creep.
  • A staycation is not time off to work on a bunch of projects. Be sure to spend this time relaxing and connecting with each other.

2. Road Trip – Itching for a change of scenery, but you only have time for a quick getaway? Here’s a few things to keep in mind:

  • If possible, keep the drive time to 4 hours or less. Depending on how far along you are in your pregnancy, sitting may not be comfortable for long, plus, you may need to make more frequent bathroom stops or get out and walk around to help with blood flow, swelling, etc.
  • Consider booking an AirBnB, VRBO or even HipCamp (for you campers and glampers) if you’d rather avoid staying at a busy hotel.
  • Make the car ride enjoyable by listening to a new podcast, playing a question-based card game with your partner, or putting on throw-back music from the year you two met. Or simply enjoy this peace and quiet time cuddled up with a good book while you can!
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3. Flying – If you’ve set your sights on a vacation that includes flying, there’s a few things to consider:

  • Pandemic or not, flying while pregnant comes with some risks including restrictions on how late into your pregnancy you can travel. Don’t wait too long to travel and do your research on airline travel restrictions for pregnancy.
  • Especially during this year with the pandemic, traveling internationally (from the U.S.) is still a bit tricky. Do your homework on any COVID-19 safety requirements or restrictions, plus consider health care access in your destination if problems arise while traveling.
  • If you don’t typically buy it, this is a time when it’s worth considering travel insurance since things might not necessarily go to plan and you may need to cancel!
    Most importantly, no matter where you’re going or how far, be sure to talk to your doctor about when and where you’re traveling, how you’re getting there, and any concerns or recommendations they have that are specific to you.

    The CDC also provides information about traveling while pregnant, U.S. domestic travel guidelines during COVID-19 for vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals, and international travel guidelines to help you make the best decisions for your individual circumstances.

    Regardless of what your babymoon ends up looking like, getting that sweet time together with your partner before baby’s arrival is important. We hope these tips inspire you to start planning some intentional relaxation time together. Rest up and enjoy the end of one chapter as you’re preparing for the next one that is right around the corner!

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